Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to Cre8Con

"Did You Hear? What's Old Is New Again."
That's the new theme for the up-coming Portland Creative Conference (also known as Cre8Con).

The client, spearheaded by Steve Gehlen, wanted a retro feel, without going over-board. Easy enough.

The design was created during a 4 way conference call with team members of the Portland Creative Conference board. After hearing what they all envisioned, I walked through a couple of concepts and the one chosen was also my personal favorite.

Using an old 50's reference book, I redrew two images as one. Wanting them to stand out even more, I had them toned in a deep red to drawn attention. To enhance the lineart and the text, I created two sets of background sun rays to help in the contrast.

Once the the main poster was created, the postcard came a few days later. Recently, during a promotional event, all posters and postcards were snatched up. As a female left the event, with poster in hand, she was heard saying - " this is a very cool design. I can only imagine what the conference is like". That alone tells us we hit the mark and our target audience.

For more information on either Portland Creative Conference or Cre8Con - well, here you go: cre8con