Saturday, April 20, 2013

Retro Lava Lamp Prints Are Hot Again!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Portland, Oregon is a city of dazzling contrasts -- a place where bacon-covered donuts and industrial-strength microbrews sit comfortably next to vegan cheeseburgers and triple-soy lattes. In Portland, the sky is blue, the water is aqua-green...and the cultural layers are infinite.

Every Sunday morning, a show called Outlook Portland invades our television screens, showcasing the underlining, hidden elements of this fair city, embracing the well-known and not-so-known people of Portland, Oregon.

I’m a fan of
Outlook Portland, and watch whenever I get the chance. So when I learned that host Rick Emerson -who is also a well-known local radio personality- was inquiring about a new direction for the show, I offered the services of Oakley Design® to create a new intro and new segment-break graphics.
After much discussion, a few rounds of sketches, and a trial/test period (and with the help of Channel 32’s resident motion-graphics god, Collin Ivy), the new opening graphics and segment-break cards premiered on Sunday, Feb 14, 2010. And to my surprise, my friend Bill Oakley, best known for his work with The Simpsons and Futurama, was their very-special guest. It was bookend Oakley's at Outlook Portland.

As for the graphics themselves, allow me to quote Mr. White from That Thing You Do!: "I want something peppy, something snappy." Although not quite "peppy" or "snappy", the new graphics have a classier appeal; a late night mood and charm. Creative Director Tim Oakley shot the photos himself, choosing iconic images that only a true Portlander would recognize, yet accurately convey the state's graphic history to every viewer, everywhere. Tim then outlined each photo, recreating every background and color palette to match its theme.
Outlook Portland can be see every Sunday morning at 6:30am on Portland's Channel 32; episodes a posted to YouTube the following week.

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Friday, December 11, 2009



In the film and television industry, members of individual art departments are often known by their team names. When your team name is mentioned, most crews immediately known who is on that team or particular group. In the film industry, there are the Art Rats, The Art Scum Dogs of Austin, Bat Rats, Crooked Artists of Art, Jersey Art Choir and of course The Art Dogs of Portland.

Original started in 1999, The Art Dogs had maybe 3-4 loose team members, including James Eubank, Todd Brooks, and myself - Tim Oakley. Today, the Art Dogs has capped off at 5 core members - most recently adding John Kirkley. These are the ones that not only work well together as a team, but so as
individuals. And with ever team, you need a team logo to represent you on set.

Although a rough image was designed about 2-3 years earlier, this past summer I finished up the new and improved Art Dogs image. To be used on t-shirts, hoodies, and stickers, the image showcases a bull dog's rough tough style of determination that every of the art department goes through when creating a set, prop, graphic or anything alike for films, television or video. And as every art member knows, you also need to know your tools - even the simplest & basic art tools. Which, in this case, backups the bull dog head.

We wear this image with pride on set. And, as we say on the start of each day - Art Dogs Rule!

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

X-cellent Sarah X Dylan

While working on the set of Star Trek over a year ago, I would pass the time by listening to recent pod cast of The Rick Emerson Show - which broadcasts from the city I live - Portland, Oregon. Rick's radio show is a blend of pop culture, entertainment trivia, interviews of by-gone actors and musicians, the world of nerds & geeks, plus much more. Also on Rick's show, is none other than producer Sarah X Dylan. Sarah is considered one of Portland's mainstream icons in the social, music and entertainment scene, plus keeps Rick in check.

However, even with her iconic looks, familiar voice and charismatic nature, Sarah never once thought about having her own brand image.

Well, that's now a thing of the past.

During set redressing on Star Trek, I would also pass the time by sketching logo ideas for various friends . . . one of which was Sarah. When Star Trek wrapped, I ran in to Sarah and mentioned what I had done. When she saw the logo, she not only was thankful, but "the WOW factory" kicked in.

I designed the look to be powerful, yet direct at the same time. However, I didn't want to spell out her full name.
I did however want to emphasis the "X" in Sarah's trademark name. My though was, "name me 5 women with an "X" for a middle initial" that is iconic. No one could. To enhance the power of the brand, red and black were chosen since they suited Sarah's personality perfectly.

To help promote the new logo,
50 trinket buttons produced so Sarah could hand them out when needed. Also in the works, her own brand of stickers, and limited edition drink coasters.


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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Love of Poster Design

Recently I was asked at a conference"why do you not showcase some of your poster work, rather than filing them after the project is done". Well . . . I have no real answer for that question, other than "here's a few for your viewing pleasure". Enjoy

Did you have fun?
More to come.

Oakley Design Studios

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oakley Design says "Think AV Is HOT!"

When asked last year to design the new image for Portland's own Think AV, who would have thought that the complete business system, brochure, employee uniforms and van graphics would become one of Oakley Design's hottest success stories.

In the past 3 months, Oakley Design has received numerous requests for a "similar image" from potential clients seeking a redesign. Unfortunately, as all good designers with great work ethics know - "never ever copy a design that was completed in good faith for another client." At Oakley Design, every project designed, sketched, produced and printed - is meant for that client alone. We love telling each client those words, and you'll love it when we say it to you!

Some background on Think AV and their design story
Think AV is a leading Audio Visual company located in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon. Think AV specializes in the rental, delivery, set-up, and on-site support for AV equipment for a wide range of clients including hotels, convention and meeting planners, feature film, and just about any other kind of meeting or event you can think of that needs AV equipment! For more information: check out Think AV.

During the design process, all 16+ employees were an important part of the corporate logo design. When the first round of comps were shown, one employee recalls - "we were just blown away by the detail that Oakley showed in the presentation. He made it hard to decide which fantastic layout to choose from." It took the staff over a week to begin narrowing down their choices!

After some revisions, we were off to the presses. While the new business system was being printed, the company van graphics were applied with a new look, and matching uniforms were created. Each Think AV employee proudly wears a
deep charcoal grey long sleeve dress shirt with a reversed out complementary logo above the breast pocket.

Oakley Design works to make every client look hot!
So, don't forget . . . for your creative design needs, there is only one place to call:
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Oakley Design Hawaiian Style

Oakley Design has finally gone coconuts (insert bad pun here) for its new line of clothing wear, shoes, posters and products. We present to you, our first two items for the shopping showcase: 1) the Tiki Nights T-Shirt, and 2) the Thatch Print Keds® Kids Sneaker.

Tiki Nights T-Shirt
The artwork shown is based from the highly sought after limited-edition block print that Oakley Design created 3 years ago. Once the 100 prints were sold, owner Tim Oakley personally wrapped, sealed and stored away the original block artwork – never to be seen again. Yet that did not stop the endless phone calls to Oakley Design . . . many inquiring if a second reissue print would be produced. Simply put, Tim did not want to devalue the initial run of first prints. However, due to the overwhelming response to the block print, Oakley Design decided to satisfy the many – hence, a wearable tiki block print shirt was created.

The original block was brought out of storage, dusted off, scanned at 2400 dpi & cleaned, and finally a complimentary color was picked to showcase Oakley's trademark Polynesian brown tone. Tim was more than satisfied with what was created. His thoughts: "why did we not do this sooner?"

Now, for a limited time, you may have what others only dreamt of owning. It’s perfect for the artsy one in the family, for that special someone who wishes they were magically back in Hawaii or for any backyard bbq with a Mai Tai & pineapple clip. So don't hesitate, be the first - Order yours today

Suck Em' Up

Thatch Print Keds® Kids Sneaker
This durable children's champion lace-up sneaker comes in all sizes and is accented with soft tan trim, laces, and rubber sole. The Thatch image is from Tim Oakley’s private collection and is inked embedded into the fabric for that clean crisp look.

With this Thatch print, your child will feel like they're on the beach everyday, or at the very least, wishing they were. One of Oakley Design’s personal favorite shoe creations, your child will not only enjoy wearing them, but also be one of the coolest menehune's on the block. No catching this child when they take off in their Keds knowing that the surf is up.

And with the holidays coming around the corner, it’s also the perfect socking stuffer.
Order yours today

Mele Kalikimaka

For your creative design needs, there is only one place to call:
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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sparkling New Promotional Pak

It’s that time to download your new Oakley Design Studios Promotional Pak. Once again, it’s packed filled with juicy designs, layouts, award-winning creative work and new fun facts. I know how we all love our fun facts.
You will see - and most likey recognize - feature film posters, mixed with one-of-a kind logos, fun packaging and illustrations.
With clients around this green planet of ours, Oakley Design is one of the most sought after independent design studios around. Just check the Google ratings. Tim was amazed as well.

To download your very own Promotional Pak, check out
Oakley Design Studios.

Oh . . . and while you're at it, contact us via email for
Volume 8 of our Logo Coloring Book. Once again, they will go quickly.

So, don't forget . . . for your creative design needs,
there is only one place to call:

Oakley Design Studios503.241.3705

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Oakley Design Studios Helps Actress Betty Moyer Win The Gold Statue

No. Not an Oscar®. Or an Emmy®. And not . . . a Golden Globe®. It was a Piccadilly award from London for the creative design of Betty Moyer's Self Promotional Pak that Betty has been sending out to casting agents and producers.

Actress Betty Moyer asked Portland’s Oakley Design Studios
® to help with a branding strategy that would help her many film, television and stage credits grab the attention of those selecting actresses for auditions.

Oakley Design helped Betty create a pak to showcase her accolades in a simple and elegant way -- while keeping the overall design cost within Betty's budget.

Oakley Design started by creating Betty her own personal logo. The logo is a mirrored “B” that and a feminine “M.” Working closely with Betty, Tim Oakley created a unique color palette for use throughout this and any future projects.
Betty upgraded her headshots in conjunction with the project, and Oakley Design created a slim line tri-fold incorporating one of Betty's three new headshots. A key element for Betty was that, depending on her audition, she is able to swap out one headshot for another.

Since Betty is constantly acting, her most prominent work is printed within the master tri-fold, with all relevant post-printing acting gigs printed to order on a matching insert card.

Betty's final tri-fold was packaged in its own custom folder and matching business card.

Topping it all off, a DVD of Betty's reel is also included and attached by soft-spot. The entire project took no more than a month to design and produce.

Betty Moyer is an established actress, and makes Portland her home. For more information on Betty Moyer and her work, check out her resume on IMDB.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This past April, the Independent Film & Television Promotional Awards (IFTPA) were judged in Amsterdam. Roughly 4900 entrees were submitted from all over the globe. Entrees were judged within their selected categories on: Overall Presentation, Color Harmony, Poster Design, Promotional Design, Packaging, Loose Promotion, Web Site, Typography, Viewing Impact, Budget and 9 additional categories.

After a 40-day tiered judging process, the winners were notified this past week. Oakley Design Studios® was awarded 7 Gold’s, 6 Excellence, and 2 Honorary Merits.

After the initial shock, here’s the list of winning awards:

Not Dead Yet | filmOverall Promotional Packaging & Presentation
Not Dead Yet | filmTheater Display Poster (Poster Design & Color Harmony)
Rocketboys | filmTeaser Poster (Poster Design, Color Harmony & Typography)

Not Dead Yet | filmLoose Promotion & Budget
Not Dead Yet | filmWeb Site
Rocketboys | filmViewing Impact & Logo Design
Live at Six | TVLogo Design

Stray Cat | TVTypography
Live at Six | TVTypography

As mentioned, we were stunned that we took a nice selection of awards, considering this was our first year in entering this competition. Since 1979, the Independent Film & Television Promotional Awards has honored the best of the best in all aspects of independent film and/or television promotions. Their only criteria, 1) the budget of the film must be under 1.15 million, 2) the television pilot under 450K, 3) overall promotional budget under 150K.

To quote one of the judges – “it’s great to see that a small shop like yours, produce incredible work like the big boys – if not better”.

This is an honor Oakley Design® will cherish for a very long time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2009 Mt. Hood Jazz Festival Poster

Oakley Design Studios is pleased to unveil this year's 2009 Mt. Hood Jazz Festival official poster. The Mt. Hood Jazz Festival takes place August 14-16, 2009 at Mt. Hood Community College. The festival is recognized throughout the country for its fantastic collectible of posters which it has produced and sold in extremely limited quantities since 1982. Along with the design of the official poster, Oakley Design also was awarded the design for all the promotional collateral, color ads, eblast graphics, and mini posters needed for this year event.

Oakley Design also designed and coordinated this years RFP for photography. 15 RFP's were sent out with a well-received response. This years chosen photographer was: Ike Leahy.

For more information on the 2009 Mt. Hood Jazz Festival Poster or the event itself:
Mt. Hood Jazz Festival

Friday, July 10, 2009

Logo Lounge Book - Animals and Mythology

Congratulations from Logo Lounge. Once again your work has been selected! That's how the email read.

Seems they like the look of both the Red Monkey Ads & Ideas, and Tin Toy Art | Osaka, Japan.

Red Monkey
, located in Portland, OR is a advertising agency specializing in radio and tv. Red Monkey has won numerous awards for their creativity and cutting-edge humor. Owners Steve & Eric asked me to design their image after seeing my work showcased during a past Portland Rosey Awards event. The stage was set for something different. True - for many who recognize the Red Monkey logo, also know that this isn't the first time Oakley Design has also won kudos for their image. However, each time is always a thrill, if not an honor.

Tin Toy Art was an event in Osaka, Japan in 2006, showcasing just that - the art of Tin Toys from around the globe. This logo was also used on bags, note pads, binder tops, stickers, banners, billboards, building sides and even as a tattoo for a local attendee. Now that's cool.

This is not the first time that Oakley Design has been selected to be in books for Logo Lounge. Work has appeared in Vol 2 & 3, along with their up-coming "Initials and Crests" book.

For more information on the world of Oakley Design, visit our simple site at: oakleydesign
Or become a fan at our FaceBook page at: Oakley Design FB

Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to Cre8Con

"Did You Hear? What's Old Is New Again."
That's the new theme for the up-coming Portland Creative Conference (also known as Cre8Con).

The client, spearheaded by Steve Gehlen, wanted a retro feel, without going over-board. Easy enough.

The design was created during a 4 way conference call with team members of the Portland Creative Conference board. After hearing what they all envisioned, I walked through a couple of concepts and the one chosen was also my personal favorite.

Using an old 50's reference book, I redrew two images as one. Wanting them to stand out even more, I had them toned in a deep red to drawn attention. To enhance the lineart and the text, I created two sets of background sun rays to help in the contrast.

Once the the main poster was created, the postcard came a few days later. Recently, during a promotional event, all posters and postcards were snatched up. As a female left the event, with poster in hand, she was heard saying - " this is a very cool design. I can only imagine what the conference is like". That alone tells us we hit the mark and our target audience.

For more information on either Portland Creative Conference or Cre8Con - well, here you go: cre8con

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Brand Logo Poster Showcase

With all the well-recognized brand identities that Oakley Design has created over the years, it was only a matter of time before a series of brand logo posters would follow. Over the last 17 years, more than 200-brand identity marks have been created by Tim Oakley.

This poster, the first in a six poster series, showcases Tim's work that focuses on type formation (as opposed to iconic). Clients featured include: Stuff, Oregon 529, Metro Computerworks, Ray Charles, BlackSpirit, SAUCE, and ThinkAV.

Oakley Design believes that every logo should be able to "work" in a single color. To prove this, each poster will be printed in black & white and on blueprint stock to show the power of a single color. (Actual poster size: 23” x 36”.)

To obtain these limited edition posters, or to add yourself to our mailing list to receive this poster or another one of our complimentary design samples, email us at:

sample poster

Logo Lounge Master Library Series

The letter read: "Congratulations on having your work selected for the first edition of this ground-breaking Master Library series." What a surprise! . . . and an honor for Tim Oakley of Oakley Design - but most importantly his client: DelRosa International, Inc.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not Dead Yet - The Movie

Oakley Design Worldwide recently designed and produced the promotional materials for the upcoming feature film Not Dead Yet. Materials created include: teaser and main theater posters, promotional pak, press release booklet, crew shirt, festival postcards, master logo, and much more.

Not Dead Yet is the story of three actresses that have "hit the unemployable wall" and crave that one last acting job that will prove to themselves and their audience that they have what it takes to make it in an industry that caters to young actresses.

As part of the story, Director Sam Hull and producer Susan Hess Logeias wanted a uniform design element to tie in with the film. In this case, the Kombucha jar became the perfect spokesitem. (Kombucha is a sweetened tea or tisane that has been fermented using a macroscopic solid mass of microorganisms called a "kombucha colony".)

It is also the common thread to all three actresses. The challenge was to take something so brownish & dirty in color, and make it beautiful to look at. We decided to use the jar shape and the color of the liquid to our advantage, and put it against a blue, green, and soft yellow blurred background. The final touch to the overall image was adding a simple backyard daisy to the mix - which also ties into the end of the film.

Not Dead Yet is currently being shown at film festivals and will make its theater debut sometime in the fall of 2009.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mt. Hood Jazz Festival Unveils Poster for 2008 by Oakley Design

Oakley Design worked with the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival this year in designing the 2008 limited edition poster for 2008. This poster is among a long list of legendary festival artwork.

You can find out where you buy yours here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oakley Design Artwork Selected From Thousands to Promote New Wacom Pen

In 2007 Wacom was looking for a way to publicize the different ways to use one of their new Pen Tablets being marketed for artists of all kinds. These tablets work with any software program on a Mac or PC and provide unique pen-specific features in over 100 software applications using a Wacom cordless and battery-free pen. Wacom called for artists from around the world to submit creations made using their pen. From among the thousands of entrants, Tim Oakley's Tiki design was one of the winners.

A complete write up of his step-by-step use of the Wacom pen in creating the artwork is described in Wacom’s "Power of the Pen" website.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

2008 Mt. Hood Jazz Festival Official Poster Design Awarded to Oakley Design

Oakley Design is pleased to announce it will oversee design and production of this year's 2008 Mt. Hood Jazz Festival official poster. The Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz takes place August 15-17, 2008 at Mt. Hood Community College. The festival is recognized throughout the country for its fantastic collectible posters of Mt. Hood which it has produced and sold in extremely limited quantities since 1982. The unveiling of this year's poster will take place on July 10th in Gresham.