Saturday, October 31, 2009

X-cellent Sarah X Dylan

While working on the set of Star Trek over a year ago, I would pass the time by listening to recent pod cast of The Rick Emerson Show - which broadcasts from the city I live - Portland, Oregon. Rick's radio show is a blend of pop culture, entertainment trivia, interviews of by-gone actors and musicians, the world of nerds & geeks, plus much more. Also on Rick's show, is none other than producer Sarah X Dylan. Sarah is considered one of Portland's mainstream icons in the social, music and entertainment scene, plus keeps Rick in check.

However, even with her iconic looks, familiar voice and charismatic nature, Sarah never once thought about having her own brand image.

Well, that's now a thing of the past.

During set redressing on Star Trek, I would also pass the time by sketching logo ideas for various friends . . . one of which was Sarah. When Star Trek wrapped, I ran in to Sarah and mentioned what I had done. When she saw the logo, she not only was thankful, but "the WOW factory" kicked in.

I designed the look to be powerful, yet direct at the same time. However, I didn't want to spell out her full name.
I did however want to emphasis the "X" in Sarah's trademark name. My though was, "name me 5 women with an "X" for a middle initial" that is iconic. No one could. To enhance the power of the brand, red and black were chosen since they suited Sarah's personality perfectly.

To help promote the new logo,
50 trinket buttons produced so Sarah could hand them out when needed. Also in the works, her own brand of stickers, and limited edition drink coasters.


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