Saturday, April 20, 2013

Retro Lava Lamp Prints Are Hot Again!

Pop Retro has never gone away, in fact – it’s here to stay and if you’re a fan of this style of art, then this series of Pop Retro Lava Lamps is tailor made for you.

These limited edition, signed and numbered full-color digital prints are base from a series of gallery paintings I did a couple of years ago.

Each print is digitally outputted on cover coated radiant white stock and personally checked for color accuracies & balance before artist Tim Oakley signs them. Each print is an original.

These prints are perfect for that pop retro bar, deco hallway or that atomic ranch entrance to your home.

For these limited prints, contact Oakley Design Studios at: artwork{at}


Print Versions: Lava Blue
Lava Yellow Lava Green

Image size:
4” x 4” • Paper size: 8”x 9”
Price: $18.00 each

Image size:
10” x 10” • Paper size: 13”x 14.5”Price: $25.00 each

For your creative design needs, there is only one place to call:
Oakley Design Studios971.221.5023

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