Saturday, October 03, 2009

Oakley Design Studios Helps Actress Betty Moyer Win The Gold Statue

No. Not an Oscar®. Or an Emmy®. And not . . . a Golden Globe®. It was a Piccadilly award from London for the creative design of Betty Moyer's Self Promotional Pak that Betty has been sending out to casting agents and producers.

Actress Betty Moyer asked Portland’s Oakley Design Studios
® to help with a branding strategy that would help her many film, television and stage credits grab the attention of those selecting actresses for auditions.

Oakley Design helped Betty create a pak to showcase her accolades in a simple and elegant way -- while keeping the overall design cost within Betty's budget.

Oakley Design started by creating Betty her own personal logo. The logo is a mirrored “B” that and a feminine “M.” Working closely with Betty, Tim Oakley created a unique color palette for use throughout this and any future projects.
Betty upgraded her headshots in conjunction with the project, and Oakley Design created a slim line tri-fold incorporating one of Betty's three new headshots. A key element for Betty was that, depending on her audition, she is able to swap out one headshot for another.

Since Betty is constantly acting, her most prominent work is printed within the master tri-fold, with all relevant post-printing acting gigs printed to order on a matching insert card.

Betty's final tri-fold was packaged in its own custom folder and matching business card.

Topping it all off, a DVD of Betty's reel is also included and attached by soft-spot. The entire project took no more than a month to design and produce.

Betty Moyer is an established actress, and makes Portland her home. For more information on Betty Moyer and her work, check out her resume on IMDB.