Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sparkling New Promotional Pak

It’s that time to download your new Oakley Design Studios Promotional Pak. Once again, it’s packed filled with juicy designs, layouts, award-winning creative work and new fun facts. I know how we all love our fun facts.
You will see - and most likey recognize - feature film posters, mixed with one-of-a kind logos, fun packaging and illustrations.
With clients around this green planet of ours, Oakley Design is one of the most sought after independent design studios around. Just check the Google ratings. Tim was amazed as well.

To download your very own Promotional Pak, check out
Oakley Design Studios.

Oh . . . and while you're at it, contact us via email for
Volume 8 of our Logo Coloring Book. Once again, they will go quickly.

So, don't forget . . . for your creative design needs,
there is only one place to call:

Oakley Design Studios503.241.3705