Monday, October 19, 2009

Oakley Design Hawaiian Style

Oakley Design has finally gone coconuts (insert bad pun here) for its new line of clothing wear, shoes, posters and products. We present to you, our first two items for the shopping showcase: 1) the Tiki Nights T-Shirt, and 2) the Thatch Print Keds® Kids Sneaker.

Tiki Nights T-Shirt
The artwork shown is based from the highly sought after limited-edition block print that Oakley Design created 3 years ago. Once the 100 prints were sold, owner Tim Oakley personally wrapped, sealed and stored away the original block artwork – never to be seen again. Yet that did not stop the endless phone calls to Oakley Design . . . many inquiring if a second reissue print would be produced. Simply put, Tim did not want to devalue the initial run of first prints. However, due to the overwhelming response to the block print, Oakley Design decided to satisfy the many – hence, a wearable tiki block print shirt was created.

The original block was brought out of storage, dusted off, scanned at 2400 dpi & cleaned, and finally a complimentary color was picked to showcase Oakley's trademark Polynesian brown tone. Tim was more than satisfied with what was created. His thoughts: "why did we not do this sooner?"

Now, for a limited time, you may have what others only dreamt of owning. It’s perfect for the artsy one in the family, for that special someone who wishes they were magically back in Hawaii or for any backyard bbq with a Mai Tai & pineapple clip. So don't hesitate, be the first - Order yours today

Suck Em' Up

Thatch Print Keds® Kids Sneaker
This durable children's champion lace-up sneaker comes in all sizes and is accented with soft tan trim, laces, and rubber sole. The Thatch image is from Tim Oakley’s private collection and is inked embedded into the fabric for that clean crisp look.

With this Thatch print, your child will feel like they're on the beach everyday, or at the very least, wishing they were. One of Oakley Design’s personal favorite shoe creations, your child will not only enjoy wearing them, but also be one of the coolest menehune's on the block. No catching this child when they take off in their Keds knowing that the surf is up.

And with the holidays coming around the corner, it’s also the perfect socking stuffer.
Order yours today

Mele Kalikimaka

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